UV Sunbeds

Megasun Sunbed Under Lights


UV Sunbeds

We are a  supervised tanning boutique educating our clients to Tan properly and safely.

When starting out we recommend 2 to 3 sessions a week MINIMUM, to build colour.

We offer the strongest strength of tubes on the market. According to The Sunbed Association, UV exposure stimulates vitamin D production.

This is essential for good bone health and can improve mood, helping to stem off conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

It can also improve the appearance of skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

The association maintains that a tanning programme can be carefully controlled.


  • Use tanning creams specially created for UV beds
  • Make sure your eyes are fully protected – always use protective goggles
  • Do not prolong the tanning session – tan for shorter time, but more often
  • We DO NOT take bookingsfor sunbed sessions. One can just pop in for a 10 minute session.
  • NO more than ONE SESSION per person per day is permitted

Clean fresh towels, hand sanitizer, face wipes, sunscreen, deodorant and goggles are supplied in each sunbed room.

Pricing for UV sunbed bed

50 mins: R400

10 Sessions: R 680

We highly recommend that one should use a Tanning Lotion to give the melanin in the skin an extra boost.

Tanning Accelerators

We sell the lotions in sachets and bottles.

They contain moisturizing ingredients for UV light tanning and outside tanning

Tanning lotion is used to speed up the tanning process as well as prolong the tan.

The tanning lotions price range:

*Sachets R60 – R120

*Bottles Range Between R240 – R1200