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UV Sunbeds


UV Sunbeds

We offer the strongest strength of tubes on the market. According to The Sunbed Association, UV exposure stimulates vitamin D production.

This is essential for good bone health and can improve mood, helping to stem off conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It can also improve the appearance of skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

The association maintains that a tanning programme can be carefully controlled.

UV Sunbeds


Collagen Sunbeds

The benefits of red and UV light combined into an ideal mix for beauty and well-being.

The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosting the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and making the skin stronger.

The tanning process is accelerated because the red light enters deep into the skin. Collagen sunbed gives you a treatment while you are tanning.


SuperTan is an American brand of professional solarium tanning products, designated for people who want to enhance their tan rapidly.

It offers rich formulas, effectiveness and sensual pleasures, all developed in intensely crazy fruit fragrances. SuperTan can quickly give you the dream tan shade you desire.

Soleo is the first Polish professional brand of tanning cosmetics created especially for indoor tanning. It has been the leader of the indoor tanning market for 17 years.

The Soleo brand is sold on 30 markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Effectiveness and safety of our products has been confirmed by certified laboratories and professional dermatologists.

Vita Liberata spray tans offer a natural-looking, odourless tan result that replicates a natural suntan.

The world’s first non-toxic and organic spray tan, free from parabens, perfume and alcohol. With certified organic ingredients that nourish and condition skin for a sunless tanning skincare treatment. Choose from Tinted and Un-tinted Spray Tan formulas.


The BaliBody natural suntan oils will hydrate and nourish your skin whilst giving you that deep golden glow. Tanning oils are available in SPF15/16 and No SPF.

BaliBody oils are designed to protect your skin whilst giving you the ultimate tan. Visit our boutique to see our exclusive range of products.